summer internship program

Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program (SIP) holds significant importance within the academic curriculum of SISTec MBA, serving as a crucial link between academia and the corporate realm. Designed to provide students with practical exposure, SIP requires them to undergo six to eight weeks of training in an organization during the break between Semester II and Semester III. This immersive experience aims to simulate real-world work environments, fostering the development of both professional and technical skills. Additionally, students have the opportunity to enhance their social skills through interactions with industry professionals. Each student receives dedicated guidance from a Faculty Mentor to ensure organized and smooth progress. Moreover, a representative from the industry/organization assists the Faculty Mentor in monitoring the students development.

Upon completion of the internship, students are required to prepare a structured Summer Internship Report, accompanied by employer feedback in a designated format and an Internship Completion Certificate. These documents form the essential components of the SIP Report, reflecting the comprehensive learning and practical exposure gained during the internship period.