Management Activity Council (MAC)

The Management Activity Council serves as the vibrant heart of student involvement and leadership within SISTec Business School. Comprising enthusiastic and driven individuals, this council spearheads various initiatives, events, and activities aimed at enhancing the overall student experience. From organizing workshops and seminars to fostering networking opportunities with industry professionals, the Management Activity Council plays a pivotal role in shaping a dynamic and engaging environment conducive to personal and professional growth.


The Marketing Club at SISTec Business School is dedicated to providing students with hands-on experience and insights into real-world marketing practices. Through engaging activities such as brand crafting competitions, ad-mad shows, business-plan competitions, and chart exhibitions, students gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing concepts and industry best practices. Our club serves as a platform for students to explore and apply their marketing knowledge in creative and practical ways, preparing them for successful careers in the field.

Money Mavericks

The Finance Club at SISTec Business School goes beyond classroom learning, offering students invaluable insights into the practical applications of finance through regular speaker sessions featuring industry veterans. Our club is committed to fostering an environment of continuous discovery, where students can stay abreast of recent trends, budgets, and developments in the dynamic field of finance.

Talent Tribe

The Human Resource Club at SISTec Business School is dedicated to nurturing students' interpersonal skills essential for success in the corporate world. Through a variety of organized activities, the club promotes leadership development and instills values of teamwork, cooperation, coordination, sharing, and continuous learning among its members. By actively participating in club activities, students are empowered to enhance their communication abilities, build strong relationships, and develop the leadership qualities necessary for thriving in their future careers.