MBA Program

MBA Programme

The two-year full-time MBA at SISTec Business School, affiliated with Barkatullah University, emphasizes industry exposure, fostering a supportive learning environment. Evaluation includes exams, presentations, case studies, and projects. Internships during the courses provide practical experience, while projects encourage real-world application of learning. This holistic approach prepares students for leadership roles in their chosen fields.

Specializations Offered

Human Resource Management

HRM as a specialization equips students with the essential knowledge and skills for effective human capital management, focusing on current business practices in the field. The course aims to transition students from human resource management to Strategic Business Partners by emphasizing interpersonal and people management skills.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management focuses on equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of marketing. It covers a range of topics including market analysis, branding, advertising, and consumer behavior, preparing students to devise effective marketing strategies and lead successful campaigns in various industries.

Retail Management

Retail Management is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills essential for success in the retail industry. It covers various aspects including store operations, merchandising, inventory management, customer service, and retail marketing strategies. The program aims to prepare students to effectively manage retail businesses, understand consumer behavior, and adapt to the evolving retail landscape.

Finance Management

Financial Management is a specialization focused on equipping students with the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage financial resources within organizations. It covers areas such as financial analysis, budgeting, risk management, investment strategies, and financial decision-making. The program aims to prepare students for roles in corporate finance, investment banking, financial consulting, and other related fields, where they can contribute to the financial success and stability of organizations.

Banking & Financial Services

The Banking & Financial Services specialization is tailored to provide students with a deep understanding of banking operations, financial markets, and services. It covers topics such as banking regulations, financial products, risk management, and investment banking. The program aims to prepare students for careers in commercial banking, investment banking, financial consulting, and other areas within the financial services industry, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this dynamic sector.

M.B.A. (Full Time) Course Curriculum

MBA First Year - Semester I

Management Concepts & Practices
Quantitative Methods
Managerial Economics
Communication Skills
International Business Environment
Accounting for Managers

MBA First Year - Semester II

Organizational Behaviour
Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management
Research Methodology
Project Management

* Summer Internship (6 Weeks)
* To be completed between end of 2nd semester and start of 3rd semester

MBA Second Year - Semester III

Business Policy & Strategic Analysis
Management Information System & Decision Support System
Specialization-I, Paper I
Specialization-I, Paper II
Specialization-II, Paper I
Specialization-II, Paper II

MBA Second Year - Semester IV

Comprehensive Viva
Business Legislation
Entrepreneurship Development & Management
Specialization-I, Paper III
Specialization-I, Paper IV
Specialization-II, Paper III
Specialization-II, Paper IV
  • Current Intake - 180 Seats
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