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Celebrity Night 2024


College Level Event

General Activity

The dynamic singing twin duo, Sukriti Kakar and Prakriti Kakar, popularly known as "SuPra" took center stage during 'SISTec Celebrity Night' on 27th April 2024. With high voltage sound and flashing lights, the Sukriti Kakar and Prakriti Kakkar gave a live performance in front of around 5000 students and made them crazy by singing many hit songs. With their musical voices and infectious energy, the Kakar sisters created an energetic musical atmosphere that had the students dancing. SuPra started the SISTec Celebrity Night concert with the song 'Kehndi Haan Kehandi Na', after which, they presented 'Hum Tum' compelling everyone present to dance. Their latest track 'Saath Tere' compelled everyone to switch on their flashlights and sway to the charming tune. In this series of energy-filled songs, Sukriti & Prakriti Kakar sang 'Gulabi Aankhen', 'Shape of You', 'Majnu', and 'Sona Lagda'. The playlist included their chart-topping tracks, including 'Jhoome Jo Pathan', 'Pehli Baar', 'Kya Kahen', 'Gazab Ka Hai Din', and 'Maafiyaan'.