Event Details

Intra-Department Cricket Competition


College Level Event


Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec organized an Intra-Departmental Cricket Competition within its campus to help its staff relax, enjoy, and kick in a light workout.

Four teams from the institute took part in this competition namely "Team CSE+EX Mix 11", "Team ME+EC+First Year Cell Mix 11", "Team Civil+Pharmacy+MBA Mix 11" and "Team Admin" from the Administration Department.

— The first match was played between Team Mechanical and Team CSE Mix 11 which was won by Team Mechanical.

— The Second match was played between Team Admin and Team Civil which was won by Team Civil.

— The Final match was played between winners of previous matches i.e. Team Mechanical and Team Civil, of which Team Civil won the match securing the trophy for the whole competition.